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client testimonials

Hayley M. 

"For my very first tattoo, and for every other tattoo I have, I have gone to Emily! Emily is an amazing artist and is very talented at her craft. She makes you feel so comfortable, safe and guides you through everything. She is very knowledgeable and will help you through your healing process, and if any problems arise, she will be there to assist! She is the sweetest, and if she wasn’t moving so far away, she would be my artist for life (maybe someday I will fly out to see her). Thank you Emily for amazing tattoos, I love them. Any tattoo shop will be fortunate to have you."

Katelyn M. 

"I got my first tattoo done by Em, and I went back for my second and third! She is so talented, precise, and knowledgeable about placement/sizing. I recommended her to a few friends, and they were all so happy with their tattoos!! I’ll miss having a phenomenal tattoo artist on the same campus as me!!"

Jordan L. 

"Emily is the best! I’m always happy with my tattoos and she makes the experience easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. Emily always goes out of her way to make sure her clients are satisfied and I wouldn’t want anyone else as a tattoo artist :)"

Kate M. P.

"I’ve had an amazing experience with Emily, she has done about 5 out of 7 tattoos I have and I’ve never had any issues. She is so gentle and caring! Thanks Em, we miss you in york!!!"

Nariah J. 

“I have two tats by Em and they’re both beautifully done and healed perfectly. She’s very warm and welcoming and made my first tattoo experience so easy.”

Birdie M.

"Emily was so great- she's so quick, with a light hand and such clean lines. She was really helpful and willing to work with me on the design/make alterations and made a special effort to squeeze me in for a very meaningful tattoo that I know I'll appreciate forever."

Astrid O. 

"Em is very easy going, time passes by super quick because I can’t stop talking." 

Delaney S. 

"Emily did my first tattoo, and since then I’ve only ever gone to her. Her work is amazing and she creates such a comfortable environment where you can collaborate to come up with your perfect tattoo. I am entirely tattedbyem and I couldn’t be more proud!"

Meg M. 

"Emily Bender was my tattoo artist for 1.5 years and I will forever be grateful for her. She has done the majority of my tattoos that are plants and critters along my legs. As a young adult, she went above and beyond in professionalism, more than I’ve seen with tattoo artists with a decade of experience. She helped me achieve what started as a light joke into one of the most beautiful projects I’ll ever have done on my body. I’m so excited for her to bless the world with her wonderful line work and her wonderful attitude."

Ren E.

"If anyone is looking for a good quality and good experience getting a tattoo Emily is the person you need to go to! I had nothing but an amazing experience and she made the environment so comfortable! If you have any anxiety about getting a tattoo like I do she was very conversational and kind which made the experience amazing! The tattoo was very well done and the design I got was perfectly matched to what I requested and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a stand-alone artist and just a tattoo in general! She’s great and I will be back again!"

Nola C. 

"Tattedbyem (Emily) has been my tattoo artist for almost two years now. Each appointment/ tattoo by Emily has exceeded my expectations! One of my most recent tattoos was a cover-up and she killed it. A once faded and ugly tattoo was formed into a new one that I’m obsessed with. Always so professional and talented.. 10/10 recommend :)"


"Emily is kind and creative and very talented. she makes you feel comfortable with the process of getting a tattoo and was very accommodating to me. I recommend so many people to her and they all had a wonderful experience with her as well. If you have the opportunity to get a tattoo with her take it!!"

Abby S. 

"I had heard such great things from my friends who had been to Emily before that I had to see for myself. Emily helped me design my tattoo to fit my vision. The value for my tattoo was incredible, a super fair price for beautiful work. Nearly a year later and my tattoo from her healed so nicely and is one of my favorites."

Ellee S. 

Tori P. 

 “Emily is amazing and never disappoints! She is reliable and professional. Every appointment is a great experience and I would recommend her to everyone I know!“

"Tattedbyem has done 14 tattoos for me. I’ve been going to Emily for a little over 2 years. Over that time I have seen Emily’s work improve and seen her business become more professional. Tattedbyem has amazing prices and does amazing work! Very clean and professional! I HIGHLY recommend Tattedbyem for your tattoo needs!"

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